two fatty tears

John: i'm excited that i've found a girl that i really like. she will probably ruin me though.
Beatrix: good ruin or bad ruin?
John: bad ruin. i'm just a worrier.
Beatrix: no. don’t worry if you like her. things work out when they are supposed to.

I talked to Simon. It was fine. We are going to try to make things less complicated. We are friends.

“Um. . . I have a flight out of Laguardia in two weeks. . . . “
“Yes, of course you can stay with me.”

When I hung up, I let myself cry. I only had two tears.

I stared at the ceiling for a while. Then my phone buzzed.

It was my new girl friend Alix: “Want to come out tonight?”

Things work out when they are supposed to.


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1 comment:

magda said...

So true for so many different things in life ... letting go so that things can happen when they're supposed to is too often the challenge, though.

Hope you had a great night out!