2008: the plot thickens

part 1

Part Two: Summer

Summer is easy with its long days. Work is busy. I don’t eat much, but I thrive on adrenaline and sunshine and boys.

I worked 77 hours that week. And I kissed five boys.

Fred was in town the weekend before. He’s my last college boyfriend. I wonder how things would have ended with him if we hadn’t had to just walk away from it. Monday night is nothing like the wild night we had in his hotel, but he stops in for goodbyes and a little makeout.

Wednesday is a late night at work, and the sky bursts open. [Nickname]’s place is much closer than mine. By that point, I knew that things were never going to work out with [Nickname]*. But he fed me Cheerios before we got in bed.

Saturday, Hugo’s in town. It’s good to see him. We get caught in the rain, and find shelter in the big windows of the Met. We finally give up on staying dry, and make a dash to a dive bar. We get a little drunk, so he suggests we take a hot shower. I laugh, but I know he’s not joking. So we do it.

Later that night I get a text from Mac. He wants me to meet him at a wedding reception. I say no, but when he prompts “live a little”, I give in. I get a call from Cooper, a boy I’d met the week before, and talk to him in the cab on the way to the Mandarin Oriental. I try to catch up with Mac by downing tequila shots. We dance, and after giving him my cheek a few times, I let him kiss me on the lips. I sleep in his bed that night.

Sunday morning, it’s a cab ride of shame, with me in gold heels and a cocktail dress that plunges most of the way to my belly button. But this new boy Ben wants to take me to the Botanical Garden, so I shower and change. I fall asleep in the grass, and when I wake up, he kisses me a little.

It was fun, but this can’t last. Karma catches up with me, and I fall for Cooper. He’s not what I’m looking for, and he’s juggling almost as many girls as I am boys. It’s a mess. And he doesn’t choose me.


*As this boy is our only overlap, I'm consulting with Harper on what we should call him.


part 3

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Alex said...

You write beautifully.

LiLu said...

Oh, god, I remember "making out". Those were the days!