Breaking old habits

I’m not going to get back together with Mark. Really. I mean it, stop giving me that look. Hey--it’s not like you’re perfect either. Remember the other night when you said that you were only going to have one more Oreo and then put the rest away? And then you ate three more but told yourself they didn’t count because you were standing up? Mark is like an Oreo. A self-esteem crushing, manipulative, deceptive, blue-eyed Oreo.

I admit it; I have no willpower (with Oreos or blue-eyed jerks). So how do I get out of a rut? How do I break bad habits?

Beatrix and I have always agreed that the only cure for boys is more boys. So, I guess that’s my answer. I vow to shave my legs daily (or at least three times a week). I will paint my nails. I will flirt. And I will go on dates. Whether I like it or not.

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