1 2 3 GO

So now that I went a month without kissing anyone, I need a date as soon as possible. Everything else is all set, I just need to start back.

1 2 3 Go.

I was thinking about it anyway, and there was a poster for one of those free dating sites in the subway. I decided to look into it.

I had looked at the other free one, but there was a little too much of a Kid Rock vibe there: too much waist length hair and shirtless-ness.

This other free one? Too much of a desperate vibe.

You have to write approximately four sentences about yourself while you are signing up. Mine was filler garbage. I just wanted to have a look at the boys before I made an effort to be clever and flirty.

Within seconds, I got an instant message from a guy telling me, “Nice profile.”

What? Did you even read it?

And I didn’t post a picture, so it wasn’t that.

The boys on that site aren’t from Manhattan or even boroughs. They’re from suburbs. Gross.

I guess I’ll have to go back to free internet dating the old-fashioned way: making up new email addresses and doing free 3-day trials on Match.com .


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Nicky said...

shirtless-ness is such a turn-off, seriously. Whoever told the male species that self-posted pictures of themselves w/out their shirts was cool, should turn themselves in. It's right up there with self-portrait camera phone photos. Or self-portrait mirror photos.

harper & beatrix said...

what about shirtless, camera-phone, self-portrait in a mirror?


Nicky said...

not going to lie: 2nd page on images.google.com searching for "shirtless camera-phone images".



GreenCanary said...

My online dating foray was crap. Know what got me the most hits? Telling people that I was afraid of pigeons. PIGEONS. For some reason, men found that appealing. I guess bird fear = sexy. Who knew?

The Brooklyn Boy said...

You dont always have to turn to a service to find a fun date on the 'net. ;)

harper & beatrix said...

where do you find your girls, brooklyn boy?


The Brooklyn Boy said...

The Blogs are like the Wild, Wild West of Internet hookups, ha.

harper & beatrix said...

i don't even know what that means.


Libërty said...

Hi guys!

I found your blog throughhhh "twenty-something bloggers."

I've figured out that there's two of you, but I'm having a hard time deciphering between the two of you ladies.


Unless you're the same one and it's just like a double personality thing.

I don't know.

Anyway I'm following you now because I like your blog! =)

The end.