i love sandwiches

I had a really delicious sandwich, which is important when you’ve spent the previous day puking.

I’d felt like I should give Christophe another chance because you can’t talk to people while you are watching movies. And he’s nice, I tell myself. There’s nothing wrong with him.

He laughs too hard when he tells me about a room mate he had who smoked marijuana. He laughs, like, really hard. And that was the whole story: sometimes this guy’s room smelled like. . . marijuana. And. . . um. . .maybe he should never meet some of my friends. Or my boss.

He’s wearing a sweatervest.

The sandwich is good. So is the soup.

He tells me lots of things look good on the menu, and you’d have to come back a few times to try them all. I don’t bite (in a figurative sense, but I’m doing lots of literal biting. I was so hungry).

I tell him I need to go because I have to stop at the grocery store on my way home. He offers to help me with my groceries, but I assure him I’ll be fine.

We walk. He wants to know if I want to have dinner Friday. I don’t want to commit, just in case Gyan wants to see me. I feel bad, but I lie. I tell him I think I have a going-away party for one of the interns at work. I am pretty sure the party is on Wednesday, but I say I don’t know when it is.

I need to turn right for the grocery store; he needs to turn left for the train. He hugs me, so I hug him back. And he plants a big kiss on my cheek.

I wander around in the grocery store for a while and leave with only a loaf of bread and one apple.


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just me said...

I mean, sometimes, you can call a first date a success if you get a great sandwich out of it.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I have a minor pet peeve regarding people who laugh louder at their own jokes than I, as a listener, could ever possibly conjure myself to laugh.

And by 'minor' I mean 'major'.

It's a deal breaker.

But a good sandwich? Dang, girl. Drop the boy, keep the cafe.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

You keep a spare cupboard ;)

MusicLover647 said...

Listen to the entire song.....and remember where you live...


Ole Blue Eyes....music that transcends generations.

Libërty said...

he sounds..