time out

Everybody. Take a deep breath. And, please, just stop getting married for a minute.

It’s making me dizzy. And a little nauseated. Though, I suppose that part could be all the Easter chocolate I ate.

Maybe I’ll just take a break from Facebook. Or maybe I’ll just take a break from it on the weekends, because nobody gets engaged on Tuesday.

Speaking of Facebook-- I don’t know why I looked up Ali in the first place. I sent him an email in January, but he didn’t answer. He un-friended me a long time ago, and I can only see his tiny profile picture. I think he got married. I don’t know when.

I guess that would explain why he’d moved out of the apartment he shared with a room mate and into a one-bedroom. And it might even explain why he was so insistent that he see me on that one specific night.

It does not explain why he wanted to see me. We had a very non-dramatic chat, and I drank some water.

And I know sometimes I’m self-centered, but I remember asking how he was and what was new.

But I guess I had asked Brian that, too.

Getting married is something that is new, something you mention.

And you know, people want to marry me. David did. Gary asked me when we were six. And once in college, three different boys asked me to marry them within two weeks. True story.

I am highly desirable.

And I am not going to turn into one of those girls. You know, the ones who are just out to find a husband.

Not me.


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Queencess said...

I just found out my bf's younger cousin just got engaged. Me & my bf have been together for five years are in no rush to get married (OR HAVE KIDS). People in my area are popping out with babies faster & more than with engagement rings.

People just need to... stop!

LiLu said...

I promise not to spring it on you, babe! We are YEARS away. What's wrong with just getting to know each other for a few years, take it easy?? What's the hurry?

harper & beatrix said...

lilu, pleas get married whenever you want. i will honestly be happy for you. just don't not tell me when i ask what's new.


MusicLover647 said...

...I....truly feel your pain. :)

Libërty said...


it's our age.


I'm 25, I think that's a great age to *NOT* be married.

GreenCanary said...

I JUST said the same exact thing to Mr. Mystery! I said, "FACEBOOK IS F'IN DEPRESSING!" Okay, so maybe it's not the SAME thing, but its damn close. Everyone on Facebook is either married, engaged, pregnant, birthing model-worthy twins, living in an exotic country, writer of an award-winning screenplay and/or more gorgeous than they ever were in high school. I hate them all and wish them ill. Seriously. HATE and ILL.