Dating boot camp, Jake the actor

Jake the Actor and I have talked a few more times on the phone. We talked about his childhood, and his hometown, and his choice in hair products. It’s so nice to talk to someone who doesn’t feel obligated by social graces to ask me a single question about myself. Ugh.

I am still in Dating Boot Camp even if I was briefly AWOL with the Mark debacle, so I agree to have dinner with Jake.

“Acting is so difficult,” he explains to me. “I had a tough audition for a Best Western commercial today.”

“How fun. What did you have to do?”

“I had to look at the bed and then at the door.” He stares at me as if he just told me that they had asked him to juggle chainsaws. “It’s really hard to do that with energy in your eyes.” He adds. “Can you tell I’m wearing make-up? I had a runway show today. I totally forgot to take it off.”

Josh did not order anything to eat. He’s got a modeling job next week, he explains. As he stabs another roasted potato off of my plate, he looks up as if he has just realized there is another person at the table.

“So,” he begins again. “Tell me what you like about me.”

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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Oh my god, that last line had me rolling.

Dude, some of my best friends are actors. But to even them, I say--

Do. Not. Date. Actors.

Trust me, I once was one.

Libërty said...

Oh wow dude.

harper & beatrix said...

I have nothing against actors. There are just as many egomaniacs on wall street as there are on Broadway.

It's funny how you get warnings about certain professions. My brother has always said to avoid dating cops.


Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Well, that was my second warning--

Don't date dudes on Wall Street. :)

Anonymous said...

think dating sites had it pretty tough during the crunch

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