almost there

One more hour. One more hour and I will have done it: a whole month (31 days) without kissing anyone. Not even a little.

It feels amazing.

I’ve done no kissing. I have not a single loose end remaining. I’ve been sleeping in my own bed a lot. I even made a girl friend.

The days are getting longer.

I did my taxes and bought some food with vitamins (frozen edamame and veggie burgers count, right?).

I think I can make it through this last hour. Things are looking up.


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Elwood said...

Wow congrats!
Try going 27 years without sex.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Whole hour, eh? Hope you made it. ;)

Queencess said...

I loveeeeeee edamame!!!

I once made a deal with a friend to be single for a month. I didnt make it. I made it two weeks though! Which was an accomplishment. Oh how easy it was to be 17.

musiclover647 said...

This is an accomplishment? Wow. Then I'm an overachiever.

wendy said...

congrats! :)