I got of the train a stop early so I could swing by the good pizza place on my way home. I was so hungry it hurt.

The date was fine. We’d planned brunch for Sunday, but when I mentioned wanting to see Coraline, he said we could go then, Saturday night. Which was cool because I wanted to see it so much, but you should never go to the movies for a first date.

Before the date, I was trying to explain to Hugo why I didn’t have high hopes.

“He’s too interested. And he’s doing things like telling me I’m pretty.”

It sounds crazy, and I realize I might be a bad person.

He’s an economist. And he was wearing a (completely non-ironic) cardigan. And he’s nice.

On my way home with my pizza, I sort of hope that he won’t call.

But by 10:30 on Sunday morning he’s asking if I want to have brunch anyway.

“You had to choose one or the other, remember?”

But he tells me that he thinks I’m cute and that he’d really like to see me again. And that even though he’s not sure he made it clear, he’s looking for more than friendship.

Dude, I figured it out.

So he suggests dinner on Tuesday. Fine. In his neighborhood or mine. Or he can cook dinner at his place. I tell him I’d feel better going out, and that my dad would feel better about it, too. I might have to use that line again.

I want a boy who is honest and sincere and crazy about me. But if I want all of that, then why is it so unattractive when they act like this?

I could never put it into words, but the internet has taught me a strange and disturbing concept: alpha versus beta.

I am a bad, bad bad person.


p.s. Now that i think about it, I was wearing a cardigan, too. Mine was neither nerdy nor ironic, just preppy and adorable.

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imerika said...

isn't that love's hardest lessons? all signs point to you should totally be infatuated with this guy because he likes you so much.
I dated Nice Guy for four months hoping I would fall in love with him...but nope. I don't know...if it's not there, it's not there..but i would say at least give it another try before you discard him completely.

MusicLover647 said...

I truly hate this. I can play the player and attract girls but it's not really me. I'd rather be a nice guy but it doesn't work. You girls are truly f'ed up.

Libërty said...

Oh my gosh I had a date like this too, and it was so boring I didn't even bother BLOGGING about it! (that's how awful it was.)

But you know what, I'm completely crazy head over heels for a nice guy myself. He is really really really nice. It's just there's a difference. You have "nice" as in...just...nice. And then you have nice as in GOOD. You want a GOOD man. *NOT* a nice guy. A good man will be good, will be nice, but he'll also be exciting or passionate, or thrilling or just whatever it is that gives him that extra oomph. Nice guys?

Well...they finish last.

Oh shit...I'm gonna go blog about this.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Ditto to what Liberty said. There's a big, fat, honkin' difference between a good man and a Nice Guy.

Men I refer to as Nice Guys are usually not big into picking up on social cues, they're usually clingy before they even really know me, and they're usually keen to view themselves as a Victim in every situation.

Nice guys? Usually not all that nice. Just really boring, clingy, and socially inept.

Your Economist may be a genuinely good man, but that doesn't mean he's the right guy for you, and it doesn't make you a bad person. Now, if you're routinely only interested in douchebags who treat you like shit, then... maybe you should look into that. :)

i like cheese said...

I totally agree with Overcoat..and I actually just went through this same situation with a guy...but funnily enough, after 3 weeks of me resisting his niceness, I finally gave in and let myself relax...and then he dumped me.

So...they're not all that nice LOL.

LiLu said...

I know exactly what you mean. But trust me, there are a few guys out there who are the PERFECT combination of strong and sweet... they treat you right, but stand up to you when you try to see how far you can push them.

The trick is finding one...

The Smarter Princess said...

Nerdy and ironic cardigans versus preppy and adorable cardigans. LOL.