groceries for one

Today I bought asparagus.

And because I am so very single, I was about to spit apart a bunch. It is just too much, and it’s by the pound.

But there was already a perfectly sized bunch there, with one rubber band instead of two.

And I thought, Somewhere in this city, in this neighborhood, maybe even still in this store, there is a person who eats the other half of my bunch of asparagus.

I should totally write a Lifetime movie.


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Tabitha said...

I can totally see this becoming a Lifetime movie. You should write it.

rs27 said...

Aparagus smells in that region.

Lifetime would love that ending

harper & beatrix said...

rs27, there is none of "that region" in a lifetime movie. but let me know if you are interested in collaborating on a project for abc family.


magda said...

What a beautifully romantic idea, your other asparagus half. I'd totally bring a kleenex to your movie.

Libërty said...

Omg so romantic.

Crazy romantic.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Ok, I actually got a chill from this. I need to settled down.

GreenCanary said...

I don't see this as romance as much as it is a nod at the entrepreneurial spirit. Us singletons and coupletons are screwed because we're forced - FORCED - to purchase massive quantities of food. I can never finish an entire loaf of bread before it goes medicinal, and don't even get me started on milk and eggs. Someone needs to open a grocery store where you can split the quantities, taking only what you need. It can be called something like "Half-Of-A-Whole Foods," or something like that.