thinking like a girl

Harper tells me, “Stop thinking like a girl. If he talked about his feelings, he would just say ‘Gosh, I want to see you naked’ over and over.”

She’s right. Just because Simon kissed me after I told him I liked him (kind of), does not mean he loves me.

Even though he started it.

“I was doing so well. I went a month without kissing anyone, but just because it was 33 days between Simon’s visits.”
“So that doesn’t really count.”
“It did until I kissed him.”
“It’s like saying your diet went well, when really you just got the stomach flu.”


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Libërty said...


...good example.

Queencess said...

That was a good example lol.

And I totally didnt know two people wrote in this blog haha! I was wondering why the names changed. Gosh I'm slow.