missed chances

I have every intention of talking to Simon tonight. I’m going to do it. Get it over with.

I am not like this.

I am going to do it.

But Brian sends me a gchat message. I don’t want to deal with that tonight. And I need to wash my hair.

When I send Simon a message, he’s still at work. And the kind of conversation we need to have isn’t really the sort you want to have in a cubicle.

And because it never rains, it pours, and it never pours, it thunderstorms, Tal texts:

-Hey cutie! How are you?

It’s so easy to flirt:

-Good. Thinking about me?

He’s good at it, too:

-Often and fondly. Miss me?

I lie:


He knows it:


But he calls me beautiful; that’s something.

This is what I don’t need in my life.

And I miss my chance with Simon. Again.


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