Harper signs on

Beatrix has done a fantastic job kicking off this blog but I have been errant in adding my entries. I’m excited about this project, mostly because I love Beatrix and I like that we’re doing this together.

B and I became friends quickly despite some major differences in our personalities. She's thoughtful and deliberate, I'm impulsive and blunt. She believes in love and romance. I think I did once (I must have, right?) but I have begun admitting to others that I have never seen myself married. I told the Mexican guys at work and I was met with confused faces. After a thoughtful pause, Umberto asked me, “Quien va a cuidarte cuando estas vieja?”

Who will take care of you when you're old?

Not only do I have to worry about who I will take as my date to a wedding next month, but now I have to worry about who will help me find my dentures when I’m 85.


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