speaking of that oscar-nominated film starring brad pitt

Fin was laughing at us when he said to Hannah, “It’s sort of Benjamin Button-y, like an old married couple of kindergarteners, sharing their carrot sticks.”

But me and Sam were sharing our carrot sticks and some trail mix.

Later me and Sam shared some pizza and some beers. It made things feel so much better. Of course we planned how the scene would be edited if we had a reality show. (They’d show lots of close-ups of us drinking pints, followed by the two of us laughing uncontrollably, shot through the window of the pizza place. Then they’d show us finishing up our work for the day, even though in real life we finished our work first. We should totally have a t.v. show, and they should let us tell them how to edit it.) You’d think after twelve hours together on a Monday, we’d run out of things to say, but we didn’t.

The topic turned to dating.

“We should find someone to date us before we get too busy again.”
“Well, preferably two people. One for each of us.”
“We could date Genevieve and Gus!”
“Fine, but I get Gus and you get Genevieve.”
“Nooooo. . . .”
“Fine you can have Gus, and I’ll take Genevieve. She’s skinny, just the way I like my girls.”

When I got home, I wasn’t drunk. I don’t have an excuse. I was just acting stupid.

I messaged Simon, who was still at work. There was small talk, then I said this:

i need to wash my hair
one day i’m going to tell you all the things i need to tell you
but not right now because you are at work and i need to wash my hair

I owe it to him to stop being such a pansy girl and tell him already. He does not deserve this.


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