very bad day, very bad week

Yesterday morning, Sam (bff at work and avid NPR listener) told us that 4,000 people across the country had lost their jobs the day before. We live in New York, so we all know people who have lost jobs to this recession, but we agreed that it really sucked. We all knew that we’d be fine. We work in luxury goods, and we are all busy all the time. It’s our slow season, but things will be picking up soon.

There were eight of us yesterday. There were six of us today. The recession hit us, too.

I had a list of things to pick up from Rite Aid. It was just in my head, so I forgot what I was supposed to be buying. I got toothpaste, then two new kinds of moisturizer and some cookies. Today when I stopped to pick up the things I forgot to get, I got another kind of cookies.

I’m thinking that it might be better to stress cuddle and stress make out than to stress eat. The only problem is that I’ve cleared up all my backups. (Last week, I definitively ended things with two boys I’d been stringing along.) Now who’s going to make out with me so I won’t gain 30 pounds before April?


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Sarah said...

Oh no, sorry to hear that! Is your job in danger?

I won't be that person who tells you to go exercise or take up knitting to take away your worries. I say eat away or head to the nearest bar and meet someone new. Whatever it takes to feel better :)