what team are you on?

“He’s cute. You should talk to him.”
“Um, I think he plays for your team.”
“He can’t play for my team; he’s a boy.”
“What? How many teams do you think there are?”

I think there are four teams: boys, boys, girls, and girls. Sam and Fin insist that there are only two: gay and straight. And I guess that makes sense. Because , if there are four teams, then two of the teams just play internally, while the other two play with each other. But if there are two teams, then they both play internally, and it’s not like teams at all but more like leagues or divisions or something. It’s really an altogether terrible analogy.

At any rate, I'm pretty sure I'm not on the same team as the boys.


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just me said...

Whatever team I'm on - we throw dodgeballs the fastest and hardest in the whole school.

pistols at dawn said...

I'm torn, since I don't like limiting my options, but I do enjoy taunting fans of other teams.

harper & beatrix said...

i'm on the team that doesn't care if we lose as long as we can sit against the wall and chat.