he's got it all figured out

Today Fin, one of my bosses, said to me as I was passing by, “I had a thought about you and Sam at the gym this morning.”

I thought it was going to be about work.

“You need somebody who is smart and simple,” he said, “because you are smart and complicated. Sam needs somebody who is smart and complicated because he’s simple.”

It was so very true.

“I think that’s why you two work so well together,” he concluded. I guess that was about work, but it was about life, too.

It was just so very true.

I told Fin so when I walked by again.

“I do need simple. I need an Aidan, not a Big.” He’s memorized every episode of Sex and the City, so I was sure Fin knew what I meant.

I need someone smart and simple. Someone who likes dogs and dive bars. Who doesn’t make his own drama but who doesn’t mind mine too much.

Too bad I can’t just date Sam.


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So@24 said...

Remember that episode when Aiden fixes her laptop and she gets pissed at him and freaks out? And then she doesnt even apologize at all during the entire episode?


Yeah. Great show.

Kelli said...

Thanks for swinging by my site last week.

And sigh, I want an Aidan too.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

I feel the same way. I need someone smart and simple.

And SO@24, I hope we can all agree that Carrie was a big bag of FAIL with regard to that entire relationship. Though it was pretty realistic-- I think women AND men often mistreat the good ones and chase after the bad ones. It sucks.

harper & beatrix said...

yes, i never said i wanted to BE carrie bradshaw. just that if there are only two types of boys out there, i'd prefer the kind that builds furniture to the kind that picks you up in a town car.