please try not to act crazy

This is a conversation I wish I could have with a boy, namely Pete, but I‘m sure I could use it more than once:

I’m sorry I’ve called you twice and texted you three times and sent you a facebook message in the past 30 hours, but the truth is that I think I might kind of like you. But don’t panic, because I’m not sure. But I was weird last time I saw you and now I want to show you how not crazy I am, but every time you don’t answer or don’t respond I’m pretty sure I’ve ruined it. And I’m tired of ruining things. So this is just what I look like when I’m trying.



Logan Lo said...

You don't ruin things - don't put that out into the aether. But I am glad that you take a deep breath before you do certain things.


Sarah said...

I don't relate to this. Nope, not at alll. Ahem.

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Oof. I just got MY fifth text/email/gchat/FBcomment in a row from a boy and I was like "OMGGGGGGGGGG GIVE ME A CHANCE TO BREATHE / RESPOND TO YOU." Every time he contacts me before I've responded, it sets me further and further on edge.

That said, I have been on BOTH sides of this and man is it hard to not send that fifth text...