excuses and alibis

I was using my fake email address that I use especially for online dating. Which is different from my real email because it does not have my last name and different from my blogging email because it has my real first name. Ravi popped up in gchat, a surprise since I’d only been out with him once. It must have been at the beginning of the fall when I was annoyed at Cooper and trying to date other people. I say,

-Online dating is pretty awful, mostly.
-Yeah. I agree. I didn’t go on that many dates. I could count them on one hand.
-So what you are saying is that having dinner with me was pretty awful.
-No. You were one of the better dates.

He gives me a lot of excuses for why he’s been busy for the past, I don’t know, six months, and asks,

-Was dinner with me awful?
-So how did I rank?
-You were good. Above average for sure.
-But not top of the class.
-It didn’t hurt that we went to one of my favorite restaurants.
-So it was the food you liked and not the company.
-Geez. I liked the company. I didn’t hear from you, so I assumed it was you who didn’t like the company.
-No, it wasn’t you. [Excuses and alibis] And I hadn’t heard from you, so I wasn’t sure you liked the company.

The truth is the company was great, but by the end of the first date I knew why Ravi was not my person. Without a doubt. I just thought he’d call.

I made plans with him anyway. Plans to eat pizza and watch some basketball on tv. I was debating whether to bring over beer or dessert when he texted to cancel.

No more chances.


p.s. I replaced all the “u”s in Ravi’s messages with “you”s. You’re welcome.

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Nicky said...

a) He's weak

b) Thank you.

wendy said...

I hate the use of "u." Seriously, people, the y and the o are not that much more work.

sara said...

holy moly. this sounds like an exact conversation i would have had with my ex. basically, he was seeking confirmation that you liked him, and that was it.


dating is so tiring sometimes. but good for you in not giving him any more chances. i wish i had learned to do that a long time ago!

Mr London Street said...

This sort of thing is always intriguing, if he wasn't the best date in your life ever why be miffed that you weren't the best date in his life ever?

Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

wow. SO SIMILAR to a guy I went out with last fall. we had a good time, but i knew he wasn't for me. still, i was surprised when he never called-- i thought our date was pleasant enough to warrant a second one "just to make sure". maybe he was seeing someone else.

this ravi guy sounds like a tool.

GreenCanary said...

You need to leave a bag of flaming poo on his doorstep with the note "For U" on it.