Harper's triumphant return (and cake balls)

St. Joe's Bar, Magazine St. New Orleans
Sorry for my long absence. (Thank goodness Beatrix is much more dependable than I am.) In my defense, I've been drunk in Louisiana for most of the last week. Wait, that probably doesn't make me sound much better...
I am back in Soberville now so I will update you all on my recent antics shortly. Oh, and I have sworn off booze for a while. Instead I will fill my time by making cake balls for Easter.
Haha. Cake balls.

Instructions for cake balls on http://bakerella.blogspot.com


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Queencess said...

I've been meaning to make those for years now, but considering I still live with my parents, I can never have the kitchen all to myself.

I hear there's a place in So. Cal that sells them!

harper & beatrix said...

yes, please. let's make those.