it's neck and neck

for those of you watching at home, i'd like to point out that "making out" has pulled ahead of "eating" by a very narrow margin.

it's one to watch, folks.


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Your Ill-fitting Overcoat said...

Here, too. Thank god for spring.

Libërty said...


harper & beatrix said...

harper and i have been sort of keeping track of which label has more posts-- "eating" or "making out". it's always close.

you can see where our priorities lie.


Narm said...

Now I feel like a fatty because 99% of my thoughts are about eating. Though what I do to a Krispy Kreme could be considered making out.

MusicLover647 said...

I am so sick of dating. Glad to see someone's having fun.

Ming the Merciless said...


Making out is GOOOOOOOD!

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Always a win when you can pull both off in the same evening.