diamonds, bridges, etc.

“They just got engaged,” my brother tells us, stage whispering and motioning with his head. Through closed teeth, “And it’s a craaazy diamond.”

I pretend to look at the how-to-build-a-gigantic-suspension-bridge plaques to try to get a look at the ring. The couple is young, probably younger than me, and the ring is huge. The kind of diamond that I always imagine snagging stockings and scratching soft baby cheeks. Who even wears stockings?

The family was in town, and the four of us were at the Brooklyn Bridge. Baby Brother is suddenly an expert on diamonds, further evidenced by his definitive “I like it” and “I don’t like it” judgments at Tiffany later in the weekend.

He confides in me that he’s helping a friend buy an engagement ring. Not a huge one, but a ring nonetheless.

The friend is proposing at karaoke. And I make my brother promise not to ever let anyone propose to me in a public place.

“I’ll say no.”
“I know. You’ve told me a million times.”


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Tigerlily said...

I agree. No proposals in public places! I was leaving a restaurant once when I guy got down on one knee. I felt embarrassed, like I was intruding on a private moment, even though it was HIS choice to propose there!

The Brooklyn Boy said...

So no Jumbotron?

... rats.

Pissed Off said...

my dad proposed to my mom in the center of the dance floor in a discoteca in spain to sweet caroline...... they got divorced 10 years later.....

karaoke, although fun..... bad idea to propose.

harper & beatrix said...

brooklyn boy, no jumbotron please. and no skywriting and no restaurants and no on the today show and no friends and no family and no audience at all. please.


The Brooklyn Boy said...

Ha. Deal. I'm totally proposing in in dark alley. No one goes in those ever.

harper & beatrix said...

do you want to know what kind of ring i want? or do you think you can handle it?