simon texts that he's in town and for about ten hours everything is perfect, and. . .

It’s the little things, too. The whispers. The way his skin is the softest, smoothest I’ve ever felt. The way he remembers which Kate is getting married in May in Rhode Island and which Kate is getting married in June in New Orleans.

“That’s impressive.”
“That I listen to what you say?”

Well, yes. Quite.

The cuddling and the sleeping and the lying absolutely on top of his chest and never ever feeling like I’m crushing him.

“I want you to stay.”
“I wish I could stay.”

The goodbye kisses. In the grey early morning, just one more. One more.

One more goodbye.


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1 comment:

Angela said...

I like goodbye kisses. As long as there's a hello kiss to look forward to though as well.