something to be excited about

I got a text from Julianna:

“Remember Dev the cowboy? I just told him I was going to set him up with one of my cute friends and he is excited. He is Indian.”
“He was adorable. Were you talking about me?”
“Haha yes.”

For the record, dating Indian fellows is not something I ever consciously decided to do. I don’t mean to do it at all. Sure I love a good tan and brown eyes. And I’m a total sucker for a big nose. Still, I’m pretty sure that it’s the Indian boys who like me.


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rs27 said...

Indian guys rule

*looks in mirror.

harper & beatrix said...

so, rs27, um. . . wanna make out?


MusicLover647 said...

We don't all have big noses. I mean I do....but not all of us do.

Funny story though....some drunk sorority chick once told me Indian guys would be hot if they just got nose jobs......