another angle

“What do you think of the fellow in the middle here?” Cooper sends me a link to a photo. “Here is another angle. He’s tall and slim. Super, super nice guy. He’s dating a few people but nothing particularly serious. I thought you two might get along.”

“Because he’s Indian?”

“AND NICE! Yes. We all have things we like. I showed him a face book pic of you the other day and he thought you were attractive, so I thought maybe I’d introduce you two. He has a super cool job and enormous apartment WITH laundry room inside.”

Only in New York do a washer and dryer make a boy so attractive. And I feel like only I have exes trying to set me up on dates.

“It just seems awkward."

“Eh. What’s the difference between Match and Cooper?”


p.s. I'll be away at a wedding for a long weekend. I hope yours is lovely.

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Marie. said...

Its not just in NY, I'm from Cali and I totally think a washer & dryer makes a boy attractive! At least you know he'll have clean clothes =).

My exes are always ready to beat up guys who break up with me, its comforting actually.

Libërty said...

Weird. Very weird. But nice. :)

Trixx: Hmmmm.....I think the fact that boys do anything remotely having to do with being neat and clean makes them attractive.

Logan Lo said...

It sounds like you've got a lot of people on your side. I think this says a lot about you as a person.