to find the courage

I’m in the crook of his arm, head on his chest.

“Is this a Thing? Because I want it to be a Thing, but I’m afraid for it to be Thing. . . . Maybe. . . .Can it be a Thing that we just keep pretending is not a Thing?”

That. . . that is what I don’t say.


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xx Nicky said...

can I use those words and pretend they are mine?

SonnyVsDan said...

just blurt it out. or put it in a letter

Mr London Street said...

You have to try and make sure it's a thing without becoming a Thing. But of course emotions are adept at accidentally pressing the Shift key.

The Smarter Princess said...

So scary isn't it?

I know I was terrified to even say "Umm I maybe might kind of like you a little..."

What's with us and our inability to express our emotions? Ugh.