forever hold your peace

John and I had tons of good ideas at the wedding. Our best idea was to have marshmallows to roast in the huge outdoor firepit at the reception venue. But our second-best idea was to hire an actor to object during that part of the ceremony. I don’t think anyone ever includes that part, but it’s always in movies. And it would be dramatic and fun for the guests.

So then I was thinking: If I got married, who would object? Who would want to stand up and say, “Wait. Don’t do this. I want another chance.”? Anyone? And would I care?


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Mr London Street said...

I don't know why but nearly every time I attend a wedding, at this point, everyone I know looks at me as if to say don't even think about it.

SonnyVsDan said...

impressive Mr street!

i think it would be good, just so you know...like for real know. If some guy standing up going 'dont do it' is enough to stop her going through with it then I don't want her to marry me anyway!

I don't want her going through with it unless she's certain.