the anti-formula

“Did he try to seduce you?”
“If he did, he didn’t try very hard.”

Me and Pete were walking in the park on Friday after work and had stopped to sit on a bench and watch the rollerbladers.

“He just said that he had wine and beer at his place, but I said I had to go home. If you want to hook up on a third date, you can. You just have to go on a datey-date. You know, order a bottle of wine and stuff. Make sure it’s not too late. . . .”

There’s a proven formula for the hook-up date, if you’re one to do things with a system.

Pete’s not.

“Maybe I should try that. I usually just try to distract them.”


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Dash said...

haha, misdirection.

Mr London Street said...

Have I told you lately that I love your blog?

I love your blog.