public displays

Possessive hands in a crowded place.

Maybe I don’t mind.

We are here. Together.

I wonder if I could get used to this. His hands tangled in mine, at my waist, on my shoulders, in my pockets, pulling me to him. His face pressed into my hair. Whispering things, kissing me whenever he feels like it.

But these are his friends, people I don’t know. So I don’t have to care.


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SonnyVsDan said...

you only don't need to care if you don't expect to see them again...surely it matters if he hangs around for an extended period?

birdykins said...

i love your blog. i will be back for more, definitely.

choofy said...

hi, i'm new and haven't caught up, but i know i love your writing. you captured one of the best moments in a budding relationship so well. i love warm, affectionate men so much. don't hold back, b!