the hard part

“We can’t. It will just get all complicated and hard. . . .”
“What will get complicated?”
“I’m just bad at this.”
“We are good at this part.”
“This is the easy part.”
“It’s been easy. For a whole month.”
“But it will get complicated.”
“Maybe we’d be good at the hard part. Maybe we should try.”

This feels like the hard part already. Not because it’s bad; because I like it.

“I like you,” I whisper.

“I like you, too.”

I’m trying not to be a mess, not to fall apart. Trying.

He’s good at this,

“I’m glad you met me for falafel.”


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Libërty said...

Oh oh oh!

I'm so excited for you!!

What an adventure.

And as that happens, I'm sitting here plotting the break up with my boyfriend.

Erin said...

Oh this part is always scary. Exhilirating and scary. I'm intrigued.

I wanted to let you know that I tagged you for an award on my blog. Check it out if you have time. I dubbed thee Queen of All Things Awe-Summm.

Tigerlily said...

This is the convo I'm currently avoiding...and biting my tongue about.....