movie plot-- edit

I broke a rule. A big one.

I think he has a pretty significant informational advantage, even though he says I can read his archives.

I’m sure there are people out there who have a blog crush on someone for years and it never goes anywhere because the crush lives across the country, etc. etc. Me? We’ve had a blog for. . . what? . . three months? . . and I’m going on a third (or second depending on how we’re counting) date with someone who found me through it. Or I found him. I can’t quite remember how this happened.

I know. I know. Feel sorry for me. The Gap has size-inflated and I have to wear a 0 now, and I can’t stop finding boys to date. I know.

But now my movie plot is starting to feel more like this:

I declare openly and publicly that my blog is anonymous. He and his buddies take this as a personal challenge, and one (we’ll cast a tall guy with dark, spikey hair and dress him in a t shirt that’s almost too small) bets him that he can’t go out with me/sleep with me/take me to prom (because this is clearly about to turn into a teen movie).

So after he convinces me to meet him in person, tricks me into telling him my real name, and generally woos me, I see two directions the plot can take:

In one, I see through this ruse and manage to humiliate him. I’ll then end up with my best friend/sidekick/his brother/no one (because I’m so independent and strong (lame)).

In the other, it turns out that that we really do like each other. It might end with a dramatic cab/car chase scene. Or it might end with one of us getting dressed up for prom and, through some misunderstanding, being stood up by the other one. The situation will be rectified in the middle of the prom dance floor, and we will kiss in our own magical spotlight.

At any rate, this movie sucks.

And the boy. Well, he knows too much. Not only the things he shouldn’t know, like how I slept with my friend from high school two weeks ago or how I woke up in some other boy’s bed the morning of the day I met him, but rules. Secrets. How to get ahead.

And he’s probably reading this now.


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Libërty said...

Ohhhh my Goshhh.

You want to hear what scares me? My boyfriend is aware that I have a blog, and what it's called, but he won't read it. He says he's scared to.

I let him be scared because I talk about feelings for other guys there, and that's not good.

But yeah...it's very important to keep these things...secret.

Emily said...

I want to say that I would still watch that movie, but I know it would also make me cringe.

Just wait until you hear him drunkenly ask you about the blog post where you wrote about being in bed with a guy... who was the guy? And you tell him, because you're also piss drunk.

...and that scene never ends well.

LiLu said...

The movie's not THAT bad. I'd watch it with some popcorn... as long as real butter was involved.

Best of luck... <3

Dash said...

that's why movies are never like real life....cos in real life its cool and amazingly interesting. in the movie's its just another teen movie.

imerika said...

ugh, please don't edit yourself now. this is not good, not good at all. i'm anxious to see how it turns out...

MusicLover647 said...

did you tell him what you do for a living?

harper & beatrix said...

i did tell him. he knows lots of things.

i won't be editing anything


magda said...

This is just the sort of conflict that makes movies interesting. Sometimes knowing too much makes the bigger things less imaginary, more possible.

Looking forward to the next twist ...

Elwood said...

I've mention to a few close friends that I have an anonymous blog... but havn't told them what it's called or given them the link.

I don't know if I'd tell someone I'm dating about it.

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