all i know

“The Asian guy. He was cute, no?”

I guess it’s a strange question, coming from your boss. But you get used to it in a place like this.

“Yeah, he was pretty cute,” I agree.

“But I think he plays for her team,” Sam chimes in, gesturing toward me.

Phil’s eyes light up.

“You think he likes her??”

“No. Not, like, my actual team,” I try to explain. “But, you know, the straight team.”

While Sam and I are waiting for the elevator, Phil’s head pops out the door.

“Beatrix,” he says, fluttering his eyelashes, “how did you know that about that guy?”

“That he’s straight? I don’t know. Sam thought so, too.”

“Oh. I’ve never been able to tell. All I know is cute or not cute.”


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