why do girls want to be holly golightly anyway?

Somehow it’s always been more convenient for me to go to Ted’s. There’s a timing thing and a commute thing. If we lived anywhere else the one hour and ten minutes it takes me to get from my place to his would qualify us for long-distance status.

But now he says he’s coming over. He says he wants to make sure I actually have an apartment. I think that part’s a joke.

I do have an apartment, but it has a sort of Holly Golightly thing going on. You know, no furniture, mounds of clothes and shoes. . . . Except I don’t always emerge from it looking perfect in Givenchy, and I don’t have that awesome bathtub couch from the movie, and I can never get my hair to be tall like that, and, you know, I’m not a whore.

So here’s the plan:
Step 1- Clean up.
Step 2- Act embarrassed that my apartment is such a mess today.
Step 3- Take off my clothes and distract him from everything else in my apartment.


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Mr London Street said...

The way Hollywood has romanticised prostitution is one of the oddest things. Breakfast at Tiffany's, the opaque delights of Pretty Woman not to mention Leaving Las Vegas.

Well, maybe not that last one.

sas said...

agree: the book was just sad.
but then it was capote.

reminded me of gatsby a bit: all that questing for money and it being so pointless and souless.

Tigerlily said...

I think your plan will work perfectly!

Mae December said...

sooo this isn't really to the point but i totally read the book AND watchd the movie (breakfast and tiffany's) and i never got that SHE WAS A PROSTITUTE?

well holy shit.

Anonymous said...

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