“Where should I put these shoes? In the trunk?”
“You can just put them in the back seat.”
“Yeah, but I should put them out of the way. How many people are coming with us?”
“This is it. Just us.”

I was confused. He’d said his brother and his girlfriend were coming. I know them. They are nice and familiar and I was prepared to count them as allies. Ted says he forgot to tell me they couldn’t come anymore.

Deep breaths. I tell myself I’ll be fine, but after 45 minutes in New Jersey (a place so strange you aren’t even allowed to pump your own gas), it really hits me.

“How did you convince me this was a good idea??”


p.s. i will be away for another wedding this weekend, but this time with harper. i absolutely cannot wait. i hope you have a nice weekend, too.

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Tigerlily said...

Last time I was in NJ I got yelled at for trying to pump my own gas! Seeing as it was winter I very happily handed over the pump. Where I'm from you are hard pressed to find full serve stations these days and they are 5 cents more a litre.