top secret

I’m a sabateuse. I’m a stealthy secret agent. I’ll smile while I loosen screws under the table. I’ll set a trap of neediness, bait it with self-consciousness. I’ll casually ignite my fear and doubt. I’m a triple agent. Can you be a quadruple agent? Sometimes I can’t remember what I’m working for.

Sideways glace and eyelash flutter as, with a carefully-studied clumsiness, I nudge a priceless vase from its ledge.

But you are a super spy-- master of disguises, weapons expert, nimble ninja in baseball cap and sneakers. You disable my explosives and sidestep my trap. With three back handsprings, only visible in slow-motion replay, you extend an arm to catch the vase before it can hit the floor.

And when the table collapses, you say we never needed that table anyway.

I should come with a warning, “This girl will self-destruct within four months.” But I’m afraid you aren’t going to let me.


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Tigerlily said...

Great post! Isn't that what we are looking for, someone who sidesteps our personal landmines?

Mr London Street said...

I imagine he will calmly snip the blue wire, leaving the red countdown timer flashing on "00:01" for ever, just like in the movies.

Mae December said...

A friend of mine and I were talking once about love and he said..

"You know, we're all crazy. So in the end, it doesn't really matter the lists of requirements that you're looking for or not looking for, it doesn't matter the list of things that you decide are your requirements in a good partner. In the end, all it comes down to is, how much crazy can you handle?"

And that's all it comes down to. The crazy you can handle.

SonnyVsDan said...

that is one of the best posts I have read in years!