i guess that's what you'd call it

B: I might meet Ted’s family this weekend. Like his whole family.
H: Wow. So is he your boyfriend?
B: Um, maybe? We sort of talked about not wanting to kiss anyone else.
H: That’s a big step. So can you kiss other people? Or no?
B: I don’t want to.
H: Like “I don’t want to but if I get drunk or someone trips and lands on my lips it’s okay”?
B: I probably shouldn’t let anyone accidentally fall on my lips.
H: But if you do it’s not cheating. . . . So you and Ted are voluntarily exclusive?
B: I guess that’s what you’d call it.
H: Why aren’t you boyfriend/girlfriend?
B: We just haven’t exactly used those words. I took Single off my Facebook profile.
H: That’s a good move in general.

. . . .

H: So you’re going to meet your voluntarily exclusive man-friend’s entire family. . . .


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sas said...

meeting his family = the cul de sac of coupledom

Mr London Street said...

I'm never sure whether it's about not wanting to kiss anyone else or not kissing anyone else.