it's an adventure.

We had a good day even though we missed the movie. He showed me his new rooftop. And we bought some books from a guy on the sidewalk for twenty-five cents each and spent all the quarters at the bottom of my bag. And we investigated a microwave someone had left with a sign declaring “I work“. We should have known it would be sold out on a Sunday afternoon at Union Square.

So we went to look at wedding magazines at Barnes and Noble. It was for work, I promise.

“You’re really going to look at these with me? You don’t have to.”
“It’s ok. I’ve never done this before. It’s an adventure.”

And when we finally left the air conditioners and books, we went to Vanessa’s for dumplings and Ted’s first sesame pancake sandwich. It was a hit because sesame pancake sandwiches taste like heaven except with delicious delicious sauce, and they are practically free. I could have bought one with the quarters from the bottom of my bag if I hadn’t already traded those for books, which are a much heavier thing to have in your bag.

Then we made an S down 13th to pick up cookies at Milk, even though we were full at the moment, and down 12th to see if that microwave was still around. And back toward Alphabet City, where instead of walking through Thompson Square Park, we went into some of those cute stores on Avenue A where we looked at everything and bought nothing.

We walked across the bottom of the park, and while I was in the middle of saying, for at least the fifth time, how I hate walking through that park, I remembered:

“Oh! Cookies! I forgot! We have cookies!”

First he laughed at me, then said possibly the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me:

“I love that you love dessert so much.”

But I pretended it wasn’t a big deal:

“Everyone loves dessert.”

He’s a funny boy, and he spent that night flipping the channel between basketball finals and the Tony’s. And we ate the cookies.


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Mr London Street said...

I'm sure it was the moment rather than the precise wording that was romantic. If not, you have lots of pleasant surprises to come I'm sure.

harper & beatrix said...

oh, boys have told me all the regular stuff-- "i love you. let's get married and have lots and lots of babies." but there's something nice about hearing that someone likes you how you are.