where am i?

“It’s a good thing he’s not jealous.”

Pete was playing a song on his ukulele and interrogating me about Ted while I did Wii yoga .

“Of course he’s not jealous. Why would he be jealous?” from a tree pose. “Well. . . I mean. . . he doesn’t know where I am.”

The F train is the worst train, and I suddenly I don’t know where I am. I’m not even sure what borough this is. Is there really a 23rd Avenue?

I got home really late, talked to Cooper for a minute. He asked about my night.

“Why aren’t you with your boy? Does he care that you were with Pete?”

Really? Am I missing something? Doing something wrong?


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SonnyVsDan said...

don't let them freak you out. people always do this. they can never understand that a guy and a girl can ever be friends. it drives me nuts.