technology is so hard

I think it’s time. I don’t really feel single anymore. I’m not ready for a big step, just this small one.

Once my baby brother’s name showed up in my Facebook newsfeed: “Baby Brother is now Single!”

“That’s the biggest piece of non-news ever.”

He had taken it off because he was dating some girl, and he had just changed it back.

Now I want to not be Single. And to not be In a Relationship. Just to be nothing for a while. But I don’t want to Facebook to announce to everyone that I’m in dating purgatory. But why do they keep changing it? Where are the privacy settings? I don’t want to deal with questions. I don’t want Ted to see or my brother see. . . or my mom to see. . . .

I did it anyway, and hoped for the best. Thank you Facebook for making this harder than it already was.


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Libërty said...

see? simple. Boyfriend. ;)

Elwood said...

Yeah I hated that about facebook too. When I was dating my ex, I had it as "single" and thought I'd be curtious to just take it down discretely, but no! Facebook had to announce to the world "is no longer single" so everyone started bugging me about it.

At least I've kept that part blank ever since.