happy holidays

Latkes and Hebrew Saturday night, my cousins’ Christmas concert at their church on Sunday, ‘cause we’re all being open and receptive around here.

He asks if I can sight read music. I could have pretended, but the song was Hark! the Herald Angels. Also, I was mostly just mouthing the words.

There was a truly awesome handbell choir.

Then we all sang Silent Night and lit candles and tried not to drip wax on each other since it is the holidays.

You have to blow out the candles sometime.

“It smells like Chanukah in here.”

His stage whisper deserved shushing. And I couldn’t help giggling and this religion thing might turn out to be an adventure.

I know I’ll miss him while I’m in Georgia with my family. He has to work and it was just impossible for him to come at all.

But he doesn’t say anything idiotic like “It will be fine.” or “It’s not so long.”

He says, “We’ll get through it.”


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