don't get too excited

Blog thing from DSS, trying to be a participator, not a lot of time, nothing written for today.

Ten things I love:

Doing ballet in front of mirrors when I think no one is watching and when I think someone doesn’t think
I think they are watching

Handbell choirs


Jam, especially with cream cheese, and especially always

Making gifts for people. And finishing them.

Starting projects

Cutting things, mostly with scissors

Party dresses (for all occasions)

Waking up early or sleeping late, whichever I didn’t do that day

Saying, “Don’t slip!” whenever I see a banana peel on the ground

I’ll have something good by Monday. I promise.


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Mae December said...

when you think that they don't think that...what??


cutting things really is satisfying.

And has anyone ever slipped on a banana peel?

DSS said...

Most excellent list! Thanks for playing :)

Dating is My Hobby said...

I left you some love on my blog as well :)

Ellie said...

I got all excited.... dammmit.

Jenny DB said...

umm i love it. especially, "waking up early or sleeping in late, whichever i didn't do that day." so true.. especially the latter :)