on why you should just say what you mean

The first time I said it I meant it.

“I’m going to wash the dishes.”

But my arms were so heavy, and it was hard to get up. I tried, but I just slumped further into the sofa.

“Ugh. I guess I need to wash the dishes.”

The second time I was thinking that I worked as long as he did and went to the grocery store and made him dinner and brought him second helpings.

I pulled my feet up on the couch, and laid my head on his shoulder.

By the third time, my head was in his lap, and I didn’t mean it at all.

“I guess I really should wash those dishes.”

I didn’t take my eyes off the television. Besides , I was uninvolved in the dirtying of the rest of the sink full of dishes in there.

My strategy didn’t work.

“Will you just wash the dishes?”

And he did.

The end.


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Valley Girl said...

LOL! I was reading an article on communication today and the authors used washing the dishes as an example. They said that we (women) should just ask for what we want. Ha.