I wonder if there will ever be a time when he will be so busy [planning a vacation, reading a bedtime story, writing the novella that is going to finance our apartment purchase] and I will be so busy [finalizing a dinner party menu, walking the dog, starting a non-profit arts program for girls in youth detention centers] that a moment will pass and I will forget how lucky I am and I won’t feel the need to tell him every ten minutes that I love him.

I wonder if there will ever come a time when I am so accustomed to this having someone [laughing at my jokes, thinking I’m pretty, indulging my fear of copyshops and champagne bottles, letting me warm my feet on his tummy, using my own reasoning to talk me out of bangs. . . again] that I will take all this for granted.


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Mr London Street said...

As long as there never comes a moment when you couldn't write something like this, I think you should be okay.

Have a great Christmas Beatrix.

P.S. There's no money in novellas.

Lila said...

I've always loved your posts, especially the way you write. Merry Christmas :) xoxo

Mae December said...

Merry Christmas, doll. :)

Elwood said...

I'm still reading you blog when I can and I"m glad to hear you sound so happy.
Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!

72suburbs said...

Please tell: What's the reasoning for not getting bangs? I am having a bang craving myself lately, and I feel that I should probably be talked out of it before bad things happen.

harper & beatrix said...

he reminds me i shouldn't have bangs because i hate having bangs.

these are the reasons i hate having bangs:

-my hair is a little too curly
-the front of my hair insists on parting in the middle
-bangs get in my eyes when i am trying to concentrate and i end up wearing stupid headbands to keep the hair out of my face
-bangs get wonky while i'm sleeping and i have to wash my hair more