trauma or i . . . ah. . . um. . . fell down the stairs

My first thought, after the initial shock, was that I was going to have two black eyes and that was going to be hard to explain. And my second thought was that we’d definitely have to have separate interviews at the emergency room.

He doesn’t just do jazz hands when he tells a story about an crisis, he really does it when he’s panicking.

He got me ice, which was thoughtful, considering he’d just woken me with a full-force headbutt. There was no blood, and I wasn’t so worried that I had a concussion that I couldn’t go back to sleep.


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Logan Lo said...

Goodness, are you ok!?


Julie said...

i'm starting to read your blog from the beginning and you are an absolutely fantastic writer. Inspires me to write more myself :)

harper & beatrix said...

thanks, julie. and, logan, i'm fine. it hurt for like a week and a half every time i scratched my nose, but there was never a bruise or any swelling. and we all know the most important thing is to keep looking good.


Mae December said...

wait what happened????????/