conflict resolution

The first time I met Pete in person, we went for a walk, had a snack, and he fell asleep on a sofa in Urban Outfitters while I read a book about Banksey.

I would consider that a fitting start to our friendship.

So today we were hanging out in Saks. There’s a black and white sofa in the Carolina Herrera section on the extra fancy floor. It’s really comfortable if you don’t mind being stared down by a saleslady in a pantsuit.

We eventually moved to St. Patrick’s Cathedral where the chairs are harder but they are more tolerant of loiterers.

Pete and his girlfriend Pamela are having some. . . issues.

“. . . and we didn’t really reach a conclusion. It’s important to know how someone resolves conflict, and I don’t think we are very good at it. How is it with you and Ted?”

Despite his habit of public napping, Pete is a lawyer at heart.

“Well, we don’t really fight. I mean there was that one time.”

The story about our one-time “fight” seems less dramatic and more ridiculous with each retelling.

But Pete does have a point: we should know how it’s going to be when it, inevitably, happens. So maybe we should test it.

“I guess I could pick a fight with him. . . .”

Pete, along with the three saint statues behind him, gives me a Look.

“I guess that is a bad idea. . . .”


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DSS said...

hahaha...I picked a fight with TEN after about 3 months, just to see what would happen. He all "let's talk this through". I realized he was wonderful and confessed. Oops!