in english this time

The whole table was focused on Pete.

“What’d he say?” we all demanded as soon as the waiter left.

Even though I suppose he looks the part, it always surprises me when I’m on the phone with him and he’s picking up his laundry: he speaks Chinese. Somehow the waiter at this restaurant sensed this.

“He said he’d bring us some more water. . . ,” Pete fills us in. “. . . in English.”

I’d say the night was a roaring success. I’d never really met any of Pete’s friends, but he’d included me in this small get-together to celebrate his birthday. They are bright and funny, and. . . well. . . no wonder he’s friends with them.

And all night he kept clasping hands and locking eyes with Pamela, his new girlfriend. She’s cute, and she brought a cake.

As we were all walking toward the train, one of the guys asked me how I knew Pete and Pam. They’ve been together three weeks, and they’ve already become this inseparable unit. I hope they are happy.

The boys wanted to see a movie, but Pete got off the train with Pamela at his stop and one couple had to get home because they had a babysitter and the other girl was going their way. I had to work in the morning, and a movie would have been over too late.

But Pete promised he’d invite me again next time.


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SonnyVsDan said...

i love it when you are the person who can say that "...ummm yeah guys, he was speaking English".