happy birthday

I am barely a grownup.

I don’t have a table. And this two-person celebration has been forced to become an indoor picnic.

I cooked. And it turns out my oven does work.

I didn’t have plates. I bought two just for today. And two forks and two knives and three spoons; one of them is big.

I was going to cook meat for you because it was a special occasion. But my mother reminded me that I don’t know how. That chicken came from Whole Foods. I threw away the package.

I made your gift. So I can only hope that minutes mean more to you than money.

And it’s hard to open because I used packing tape. I ran out of the regular kind.

The ice cream melted. It seems easier to move in four months than to defrost the freezer.

I put on a party dress for you and pearls, because I thought you’d like that. I just didn’t have time to do anything to my hair.

I was going to take a picture because it will never be your 26th birthday ever again, and we should commemorate. I just forgot.

I am barely a grown up. I probably shouldn’t buy any of those cute aprons from Anthropologie. But I am in the healthiest relationship of my entire life. Thank you for that. And thank you for spending your birthday with me.


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Mae December said...

If he's 26 then you're most likely my age, and that is insane, because I totally thought you were in your late 20's early 30's the way you talk sometimes.

But no. You really quite possibly are just my age.

xx Nicky said...

he's younger right?...

does he read your blog?

DSS said...

I cannot tell you how happy it makes me to hear about the two of you :) Healty, happy realtionships make me smile. Congratulations. You've earned it!

harper & beatrix said...
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harper & beatrix said...

yes, he's a little younger. and i'm not in my late twenties, because the mid-twenties last until at least 28. at least.

and i'm only 27.

he does read. he knows everything anyway. and like he said, once i say something, he's probably already thought it. the only stressful part about it is that he's a great writer, and i never want him to think what i write is bad.

i'm glad my stories can make at least some of you happy. i'm happy. but i'm boring. i've recently realized that sometimes when i think i'm writing a story about a terrifying moment, i'm really just writing a sappy love story. being happy in a relationship takes a little getting used to.