I spied the email address over his shoulder while he was typing.

I was careful to use capital letters where appropriate. I want her to like me. And since Lazy Pinky Syndrome is only something I made up, I use them.

Since when is this my life? Sending a secret note to my boyfriend’s mom to make sure it’s ok if I bring a cake to his family birthday dinner?

Maybe there’s some sort of girlfriend instinct. Maybe my body has released a hormone that makes me want to cook and bake and tidy and plan.

She said to please call her Alice. That’s one of my favorite names.


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Jill said...

Lazy Pinky Syndrome sounds like a legitimate disorder! Or at least a pervasive idea.

and I too have picked up girlfriend domesticity. But I tend to wash when I'm a little freaked out. Its easier to talk when I'm washing, he's drying, and we both have objects to look at that aren't each other.