i guess i have been dating the same boy for nine (9!) months

Have I really been out of all of this so long that I can’t tell if this invitation to see a movie together is completely innocent or totally inappropriate?

I should be able to tell.

And I should not fail to mention that I met this boy at my boyfriend’s birthday party.


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Emma said...

Ummmm.... I think inappropriate. Unless your bf is invited too?

harper & beatrix said...

but emma,

-he knows i have a boyfriend, so he should know it's just friendly hanging out.
-he's fun, and i enjoyed hanging out with him when we met.
-my boyfriend has to work that day, and i need an activity.
-i would never think twice about hanging out with any of my existing list of guy friends (pete, jay, hugo).
-i can control myself.
-i'm not only allowed to have friends outside of my boyfriend, i think it makes for a healthier relationship.

i'm not sure anything requiring this much rationalization can be a good thing.


Emma said...

All completely rational points. I retract my comment. And you can never have too many friends.

By the way, love your blog.

charlemagne said...

one point of information: I've learned that boys do not care at ALL if you have a boyfriend, if they're interested enough in you. i'm sure you have good judgment, and absoluuutely agree that you need friends outside of the relationship. just thought i'd share something surprising i learned.

Anonymous said...

"i'm not sure anything requiring this much rationalization can be a good thing."

Exactly. Don't jeopardize a good relationship just because you "need an activity." Find something else to do until this guy fully understands that you're in a COMMITTED relationship. Sadly, even that isn't enough to deter some people.

Tigerlily said...

I hate that as a single girl I can't make/be friends with coupled up males. Its even put some strain on relationships that were always entirely platonic and existed before the couple.

Apparently the problem exists vise versa as well.