i am so happy for you!

My hobbies are cake, flowers, party dresses, etiquette, and paper products. And my job is full of fancy parties. I could pretend that I don’t love weddings, but no one would believe me.

And when I invited myself over to Harrington’s roof on Saturday night he said it would be perfect because I could give his wedding invite list (for a party 14 months away) a once over. . . and see YouTube videos of the cocktail-hour band. . . and see the photographer’s work.

And Cooper let me know he was proposing to his girl the next day.

And Prince Charming casually mentioned that he has been engaged for a month.

And that was going to be my blog post for today-- about how everyone is getting married and how it’s obviously a race and I’m losing and how I keep just accidentally Googling wedding dresses.

And then.

And then. . . .

Ted texted me to let me know that his brother. . . his little brother. . . is engaged. It happened last night.

And that’s it. If Simon calls to say he’s getting married, I will throw up.


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Isa said...

Oh hon, it's really not a race. A wedding is not the be-all-and-end-all of relationships, don't forget that. Your man loves you, you guys are happy together. Those are the fundamental things.

But yeah, if you really want to - just buy him a ring and ask him yourself!

Dating is My Hobby said...

Just enjoy seeing other people be stressed and you just sitting back and enjoying a great relationship :)

DSS said...

As if your day is not just around the corner :) I absolutely cannot wait!!!

Anonymous said...

It's totally a race, particularly when you get closer to 30... Then again, the first people to get married in my group of friends were also the first divorced.

Anonymous said...

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